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AfterHours CompositeWorks specializes in high-end custom materials fabrication and prototyping.

Click on the images below to view some of our featured projects.

Check out our new Carbon Fiber Skateguards Sentra Project Unique and One-Off Projects- See what we can make for you

Carbon fiber skateguards

Carbon Fiber Skateguards

For the ultimate in performance, Custom Skateguards are the choice of professionals.
Details and Pricing Here

Carbon fiber hood scoops

Carbon fiber hood scoops

AfterHours can custom-form specialized composite parts for your vehicle.
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hot unique products

Carbon fiber hoods and body parts, custon audio enclosures, skateboards, etc-  You want it? We can make it.
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1992 240sx drift

Fast? Furious? You know it..
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Scion tc

World racing Scion tc

Christian Rado, pro FWD driver/owner and all around nice guy, came to us with an almost impossible mission...
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